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A number of soldiers and personalities have been identified in various CombatReels films. From Generals Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley down to the lowliest private. They include Allies, entertainers and even German officers. If you study military history and are interested in any of these personalities; then check out the DVDs that contain film footage and view these men in various situations. All of these films are shot by signal corps combat photographers.

If you see somebody you know, please contact us

Arrow  2nd Lt Van T. Barfoot
Arrow  Captain Emerald Ralston
Arrow  Captain Frank Lillyman
Arrow  Captain Robert Cutler
Arrow  Captain Robert Woodard
Arrow  Captain Thomas O'Brien
Arrow  Charles de Gaulle
Arrow  Charles Plaudo
Arrow  Clarence Ware
Arrow  Colonel Butler Miltonberger
Arrow  Colonel Harry Flint
Arrow  Colonel Harry McHugh
Arrow  Colonel Howard Johnson
Arrow  Colonel John Michaelis
Arrow  Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery
Arrow  Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Arrow  General Anthony McAuliffe
Arrow  General Carl Spaatz
Arrow  General Charles Corlett
Arrow  General Charles Gerhardt
Arrow  General Clarence Huebner
Arrow  General Courtney Hodges
Arrow  General Donald Stroh
Arrow  General Dwight Eisenhower
Arrow  General Edward Brooks
Arrow  General George C Marshall
Arrow  General George Patton
Arrow  General Horace McBride
Arrow  General Ira Wyche
Arrow  General Jacob Devers
Arrow  General James Gavin
Arrow  General James Van Fleet
Arrow  General Jay McKelvie
Arrow  General John Thompson
Arrow  General John Wood
Arrow  General Lawton Collins
Arrow  General Leland Hobbs
Arrow  General Leonard Gerow
Arrow  General Leroy Watson
Arrow  General Lewis Brereton
Arrow  General Lindsay Silvester
Arrow  General Louis Craig
Arrow  General Lunsford Oliver
Arrow  General Manton Eddy
Arrow  General Matthew Ridgway
Arrow  General Maurice Rose
Arrow  General Maxwell Taylor
Arrow  General Omar Bradley
Arrow  General Owen Summers
Arrow  General Paul Baade
Arrow  General Raymond Barton
Arrow  General Raymond McLain
Arrow  General Richard O'Connor
Arrow  General Robert Macon
Arrow  General Teddy Roosevelt
Arrow  General Thomas Handy
Arrow  General Troy Middleton
Arrow  General Wade Haislip
Arrow  General Walter Bedel Smith
Arrow  General Walter Robertson
Arrow  General Walton Walker
Arrow  General William McMahon
Arrow  General William Paul
Arrow  General William Simpson
Arrow  George Baran
Arrow  George Radeka
Arrow  Henry Stimson
Arrow  Jack Agnew
Arrow  Jack Womer
Arrow  Jacques Leclerc
Arrow  Jake McNiece
Arrow  James Green
Arrow  Joe Oleskiewicz
Arrow  Johnny Hale
Arrow  Lieutenant Jesse Miller
Arrow  Lieutenant John Shelby
Arrow  Lt Colonel Arthur West
Arrow  Lt Colonel Robert Cole
Arrow  Lt Will Rogers
Arrow  Major John Stopka
Arrow  Major Otho Holmes
Arrow  Major Thomas Howie
Arrow  Major William Washington
Arrow  Mike Marquez
Arrow  Paschal McCoy 90th ID 315th Eng Bn
Arrow  Pfc Camillus Paolini
Arrow  Pfc George Bowen
Arrow  Pfc Henry Berkowitz
Arrow  Pfc James D. Edwards
Arrow  Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
Arrow  Prince Felix of Luxemborg
Arrow  Private Julius Biel
Arrow  Robert Cone
Arrow  Rolland Baribeau
Arrow  Samuel Magill
Arrow  Sargent Clarence Colson
Arrow  Staff Sargeant John Kelly
Arrow  Staff Sargent Leeward Stockwell
Arrow  Staff Sargent Paul Mansfield
Arrow  Staff Sargent Paul Shorter
Arrow  T/4 Lowell Dock
Arrow  T/5 Harry Hartman
Arrow  Ted Liska 4th ID
Arrow  Winston Churchill

DVD Recent Releases of World War II Movies, Films
104th Infantry Division Winter War Bulge and Beyond DVD $29.99

104th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond Series
December 1944 - March 1945

DVD Details

36th Infantry Division Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond DVD $24.99

36th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond
November 1944- March 1945

DVD Details

36th Infantry Division in Western Europe DVD $24.99

36th Infantry Division
Liberation of Western Europe Series
August 1944 - October 1944

DVD Details

29th Infantry Division Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond DVD $24.99

29th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond
December 1944 - February 1945

DVD Details

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