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D-Day Invasion of Normandy

The term D-Day has come to mean many things however the original D-Day represents 6 June 1944 when the Allies began landing in Normandy on the French coast in World War II. Elements of the Invasion actually began before midnight on 5 June, these were paratrooper and pathfinder units, tasked with certain objectives that would assist the Infantry and Armored Divisions as they hit the beaches and moved inland.

The Americans landed at Utah and Omaha Beaches while British and other Allies landed at Gold, Juno and Sword. A naval armada of over 5000 ships crossed the English Channel, carrying over 150,000 soldiers that would go ashore on the first day of the invasion, D-Day.

Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne would have landed on the 5th. Despite being scattered and missing their drop zones by many miles units would form and they would occupy the enemy while the landings began. The 1st Infantry Division and the 29th Infantry Division were to land at Omaha Beach. The 4th Infantry Division and elements of the 90th Infantry Division were to land at Utah Beach.

Combat Reels is honored to bring you a lot of raw combat footage of D-Day and the following days of the Invasion of Normandy, also referred to as D-Plus Number, i.e. D+2, D+30. View men on the ships crossing the English Channel; watch them exit landing craft, rush the beach, take cover and finally begin to move inland. See new divisions, 2nd ID, 8th ID, 9th ID, 30th ID, 35th ID, 79th ID, 2nd Armored Division, 3rd AD and 4th AD as they arrive to enter the fighting as the Allies performed a huge buildup of troops before they could break out of the Beachhead. Watch footage of fighting in the hedgerows and the liberation of French towns. In our Invasion of Normandy Series of DVDs, watch the footage of your favorite Division as the Allies begin the defeat of Nazi Germany on the European Continent.

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104th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond Series
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36th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond
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36th Infantry Division
Liberation of Western Europe Series
August 1944 - October 1944

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29th Infantry Division Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond DVD $24.99

29th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond
December 1944 - February 1945

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