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8th Infantry Division

The 8th Division was activated 1 July 1940. They went overseas on 5 December 1943 where they trained in Ireland for the Invasion of Europe.

The Division arrived on the European Continent on 4 Jul 44 and elements began their World War II combat on 6 July with the entire division engaged on 8 July 1944.

Landing on Utah Beach the 8th captured Rennes in August and Brest in September. All Allies units turned East, the 8th included. They moved across France to Luxembourg to the Hurtgen Forest in November. The Hurtgen Forest was cleared on the 28th. The 8th ID moved onto Brandenburg in early December and during the Battle of the Bulge they held position against the north flank of the German offensive; when the tide turned they moved toward the Roer River.

The Division crossed the Roer at Duren in February of 1945. Continuing their march, the 8th ID reached the Rhine River on 7 March 1945. They pressed on into the Rhineland, entering the Ruhr region in early April. The 8th helped secure the Ruhr Pocket by mid-month. The Division had crossed the Elbe River on the 1st of May. On the 2nd they came across a camp created by the SS in early 1945, the Wobbelin sub-concentration camp, part of the Neuengamme concentration camp near Ludwigslust.

Since their first action in July, they had suffered 2,532 killed in action, 10,057 wounded of which 288 would perish and advanced as deep as Schwerin when the Germans surrendered ending the 8th Infantry Divisions' 288 days in combat.

8th Infantry Division Patch

Nickname(s): Golden Arrow Division, Pathfinder Division

Motto: These are my credentials


Arrow  8th US Infantry Division in Normandy
Arrow  8th Infantry Division in Western Europe


8th Infantry Division Films  

8th US Infantry Division in Normandy DVD $14.99

8th Infantry Division
Invasion of Normandy Series
May 1944 - August 1944

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8th Infantry Division in Western Europe DVD $14.99

8th Infantry Division
Liberation of Western Europe Series
August, 1944- November 1944

DVD Details


WWII Campaigns

  • Normandy
  • North France
  • Rhineland
  • Central Europe
  • WWII Assignments

  • 30 November 1943: Attached to First Army.
  • 24 December 1943: XV Corps.
  • 1 July 1944: VIII Corps, attached to First Army.
  • 1 August 1944: VIII Corps, Third Army, 12th Army Group.
  • 5 September 1944: VIII Corps, Ninth Army, 12th Army Group.
  • 22 October 1944: VIII Corps, First Army, 12th Army Group.
  • 19 November 1944: V Corps.
  • 18 December 1944: VII Corps.
  • 20 December 1944: Attached, with the entire First Army, to the British 21st Army Group.
  • 22 December 1944: XIX Corps, Ninth Army (attached to British 21st Army Group), 12th Army Group.
  • 3 February 1945: VII Corps, First Army, 12th Army Group.
  • 2 April 1945: XVIII (Abn) Corps.
  • 26 April 1945: XVIII (Abn) Corps, Ninth Army, 12th Army Group, but attached for operations to the British Second Army in the British 21st Army Group.
  • WWII Subordinate Units:

  • 13th Infantry Regiment
  • 28th Infantry Regiment
  • 121st Infantry Regiment
  • 43rd Field Artillery Battalion
  • 45th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 56th Field Artillery Battalion
  • 28th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
  • 8th Signal Battalion
  • 708th Ordnance Company
  • 8th Quartermaster Company
  • 8th Reconnaissance Troop
  • 12th Engineer Battalion
  • 8th Medical Battalion
  • 8th Counter Intelligence Detachment
  • Commanders

  • Maj Gen William C McMahon
  • Brig Gen Donald A Stroh
  • Maj Gen Donald A Stroh
  • Brig Gen WG Weaver
  • Brig Gen James A Pickering (Actg)
  • Brig Gen WG Weaver
  • Maj Gen WG Weaver
  • Brig Gen Bryant E Moore
  • Combat Reels salutes the veterans of the 8th Infantry Division of World War II and their valuable contribution to U.S. military history.

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