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101st Airborne

The 101st Airborne Division was activated after the U.S. entry into World War II, 15 August 1942 at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. Following organization and training they arrived in the ETO on 15 September 1943.

On the night of 5 June 1944, Pathfinders of the 101st Airborne left England to begin the night drop of the Invasion of Normandy which would become known as D-Day. Even though all the drop zones were missed 101st Paratroopers slowly reformed before taking objectives such as Carentan and Ste Mere Eglese as the Allies established a beachhead on the Normandy coast.

After the Normandy Breakout and while the Allies were quickly pushing across France, a daring operation was planned for September, Operation Market Garden. The Division jumped into Holland for their 2nd combat parachute jump.

In December, the Germans began their surprise Ardennes Offensive. This became known as the Battle of the Bulge. The 101st had been on R&R behind the Allied lines, but when the Germans attacked the 101st was quickly deployed to Bastogne, a city that was at the junction of many roads through this area. Bastogne was a key objective for the enemy advance. As the Bulge grew the town of Bastogne became surrounded and because of bad weather no supply drops were available. The German artillery laid seige to the town, but the 101st would not yield.

Perhaps one of the most memorable quotes came from this engagement. The German commander overseeing the seige of Bastogne sent a message to the Americans, wanting them to surrender. The 10st at Bastogne was under the command of Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe who sent back this reply:

To the German Commander:
- Signed, The American Commander

The Americans finally got supplies and as the Bulge collapsed, the 101st Airborne had not given up Bastogne. Along with other Divisions, they began the final offensive to end World War II in May of 1945.

101st Airborne Division Patch

Nickname: Screaming Eagles

Motto: Rendezvous with Destiny

Mascot: Bald Eagle a.k.a. Old Abe


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101st Airborne Division Films  

101st US Airborne Division in Normandy DVD $19.99

101st Airborne Division
Invasion of Normandy Series
May 1944 - June 1944

DVD Details

101st Airborne Division in Western Europe DVD $24.99

101st Airborne Division
Liberation of Western Europe Series
August 1944 - September 1944

DVD Details

101st Airborne Division, The Bulge and Beyond DVD $19.99

101st Airborne Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond Series
November 1944 - January 1945

DVD Details



  • MG William C. Lee
  • BG/MG Maxwell D. Taylor
  • BG Anthony C. McAuliffe
  • WWII Campaigns

  • Normandy
  • Ardennes
  • Rhineland
  • Central Europe
  • WWII Subordinate Units

  • 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment
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  • 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
  • 327th Glider Infantry Regiment
  • 401st Glider Infantry
  • 101st Parachute Maintenance Battalion
  • 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion
  • 326th Airborne Medical Company
  • 81st Airborne Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
  • 321st Glider Field Artillery Battalion
  • 377th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
  • 463d Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
  • 907th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
  • Combat Reels salutes the veterans of the 101st Airborne Division of WW2 and their valuable contribution to U.S. military history.

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